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The French do it right – They know how to live in luxury, and exude style and elegance at all times. The way the French travel is no different – luxury and style at every step.

To be fair, when they’re ‘off duty’ they’re soaking in some of the most magnificent architecture in the world, sipping on delicious coffees, and delicately devouring decadent croissants. It’s hard to imagine that a person with this much romance in their life could ever be anything but eternally stylish.

Travel in stylish luxury

Living FrenchThe french are doing a few things well. Here on InLuxure I look at how the French are doing it right, travelling in style, celebrating luxury, and knowing what to spend on to create a seemingly opulent life even though they’re not rich.

Once I’m done with you, you’ll know all about living French, how the French have mastered easy luxury, what you need to create your own luxury, and – of course – my contact details, in case you need help putting a glimmer of glamor into your life.

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